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Don't Drink the Water (Part 1)

Title: Don't Drink the Water
Pairing: Eunhae/Haehyuk (absolutely doesn't matter)
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance

Summary: Working at a boys summer camp is both fun and...really, really dirty. But Donghae, the Nature specialist, always finds fun adventures with his lifeguard-friend Hyukjae. And here's a little fact about boys camps...don't drink the water.

A.N: Based off real experiences as a counselor at girls camp...yes all the counselors were dating each other. (my longest story to date <3 )

"Remember when we went a whole day holding hands, just because Kibum said we couldn"t?" he said fondly. "We proved him wrong," Donghae said, heart thumping loudly in his chest. Hyukjae"s hand was as soft as he remembered, and fit as familiarly there as if it"d been attached since the first time they"d met. "Although going to the bathroom was awkward." Collapse )

I am the champion~ my frieeenddds~

Just a note to myself to congratulate myself:

I'VE ACTUALLY WRITTEN 10,000 WORDS ON ONE FIC! ONE! that's never happened to me before. I feel like I've crossed a milestone or something. I mean, I never have this kind of attention span. And I really like it too (perhaps cause it's based on real experiences I can visualize these things better...who knows...)

whatever, I effing love writing donghae and hyukjae so these two are getting a monolith of a fic! But since I've created a whole world I'm definitely added in b2st pairings too! bwahahahahahaaa I'm stoked. Jeez I'm freaking stoked.


Tongue in Cheek

Title: Tongue in Cheek
Rating: PWP
Pairing: Eunhae
Rating: NC-17

Summary: Donghae needs his fix and Hyukjae's sudden strike of lyrical inspiration isn't going to stand in the way of his mouth's goals. 

“Couldn’t you wait an hour?” Hyukjae asks, trying to maintain some semblance of righteousness. It’s not working and Donghae knows it.Collapse )

Peace Out

Title: Peace Out
Genre: humor, romance
Rating: PG
Pairing: Junseung, mentioned Dooseob

Summary: Hyunseung's necklace, the one he wears everday, well...it's not really his. It's a present he bought for Junhyung. Too bad Junhyung is about as elusive as a prancing unicorn..

A.N: Dedicated and written fo
justcallmepriy! My gift to you wonderful brain twin!

It was perfect: original without being ostentatious, funky without being flamboyant. He untangled the chain from the others and fought his way to the small counter at the end of the walkway. As the girl wrung up his purchase, Hyunseung slipped a small grin. Junhyung would love it.Collapse )

Peace Out

It was the small table outside the store that drew him out of the crowd's flow and toward the small shop. The table was covered with a bright cloth and laden with homemade bits and bobs. They winked happily at him, dangling from their little stands. Hongdae was littered with stores just like this one, but Hyunseung was intrigued by the assortment of goods that lay displayed for his buying leisure. He stepped quickly from the crowd and strode to the small table. His wrists were already heavy with bracelets jangling together, but he eyed the small carved bangles appreciatively. Just beyond the table was the doorway; a little entrance into a bright and colorful shop. He glanced one last time at the table outside, fingering a mushroom earring consideringly, before stepping down the several stairs into the shop.

The room was small. Six other girls filled the small aisle way and in the corner beyond and Hyunseung was already fighting for elbow space. His feet left the last step and led him to the small shelf directly in front of him. Two steps and he was in the back of the shop. Hair bands sparkled to his right, and a gaggle of girls were mooning over shining rings in the far corner. Hyunseung eyed the shelf in front of him. Large, gaudy rings lay on the brown wood, and a stand disguised as a small tree arched across the space. From there lay several long necklaces, delicate chains clinging to odd charms at the bottom. It was the latter that caught his appraising eye. Hyunseung's delicate fingers reached out and held the charm of a thin gold necklace. A hand curled into a peace sign, the chain looped through a small hole at the top of the middle finger. Small etches in the brass metal marked the curling of fingers and palms. It was perfect: original without being ostentatious, funky without being flamboyant. He untangled the chain from the others and fought his way to the small counter at the end of the walkway. As the girl wrung up his purchase, Hyunseung slipped a small grin. Junhyung would love it.


Unfortunately, delivering a gift wasn't as easy as declared. Junhyung was elusive. Sand slipping through a sieve, a slippery snake, all the other analogies one can invent. Hyunseung may have been in two of the other boy's classes, but he never saw him. Junhyung was the college student that abused the "optional attendance." His absent marks were off the charts, and the rare days that Hyunseung actually missed a class seemed to be the only time Junhyung showed up. It was frustrating to say the least. There was a time, in high school, that Hyunseung saw Junhyung constantly, slouching lazily in his chair and staring out the window. He'd just been too shy to approach the other. But now, as Hyunseung had finally come into his own, Junhyung employed the long time practice of evasion. It wasn't even on purpose--Hyunseung chocked it up to having the worst luck ever. He'd taken to wearing the peace sign necklace every day, in case he managed to bump into the other and get an opportunity to deliver it.

Junhyung wasn't lazy out of a general lack of interest. He was invested in other matters, such as the campus dance team and underground rap scene. Hyunseung had been to a couple shows, but never close enough to talk to the other boy. It was ridiculous—like Junhyung was a celebrity and he a mere mortal, unable to reach out and connect to the other. But they had been classmates. Junhyung even passed back papers to him all year!

The large rift between the two seemed to widen as months progressed. Hyunseung remained involved in classes and studies, meeting with his friends when he had time. But Junhyung was skyrocketing to new planes, and Hyunseung worried his shyness in high school had destroyed all chances of reaching any semblance of a relationship with the other

And so he wore it, day after day, the chain resting habitually around his neck. The peace sign became a comforting weight, thumping rhythmically against his chest as he walked, danced, studied the days away. Months after that fateful night in Hongdae, Hyunseung became so accustomed to slipping the chain over his head that he almost forgot its original intent. And Junhyung remained elusive.


"I really like that necklace," Doojoon said one afternoon on a patch of grass outside one of many college buildings. He reached out a hand and tugged on the metal fingers, glinting brightly in the sun

"Hands off," Hyunseung said idly, slapping the offensive hand away. Doojoon, or 'The Dooj,' as many of his friends called him, smirked and lounged back on his elbows, squinting into the sunlight

"Think you'll get a chance to give it to him?" He asked. Hyunseung huffed as his own hand rose to fiddle with the brass charm

"Probably not," he admitted, gazing at a point in the distance. "But whatever, it's mine now." His hand wound protectively around the familiar fingers. "I figure at this point I'll never run into him."

"I saw him the other day," Doojoon remarked casually. "He was with Yoseobbie. Hurry up and meet with him, Hyun, and get him away from my boyfriend." he pouted. "I don't like it."  Hyunseung laughed at his friend's jealously

"Please," he said sarcastically, "I'm pretty sure he orbits around you like the earth does the sun. Don't be petty." Doojoon visibly preened at the comment and Hyunseung sneered. To be honest, he was really jealous of the relationship the two men had. And Junhyung, Junhyung just trolled on him every chance he got

"He's not as great as you think he is," Doojoon said. "He's such a wussy girl. Hits like one, too."

"It's cute," Hyunseung huffed, "and if that's all you look at, Yoon, it's your loss." Doojoon grunted. Something caught his eye and he quickly leapt to his feet, features lighting up considerably

"Yoseobbie!" he called happily. He nodded farewell to Hyunseung as an afterthought and ran off to the brunette in the distance. Hyunseung pursed his lips, fingers rubbing the indents of cool metal fingers


How was it that Junhyung could be so tortuously close and yet so unattainable? Hyunseung wondered at the phenomena as he nervously perched in a chair outside the other boy's dance class. It was a pathetic attempt and he felt a little like a stalker, but it'd been half a year and Junhyung had yet to show face. Hyunseung clutched the peace sign in his palm, an action now reflexive. The necklace had found a home with him and once when he'd forgotten to slip it over his head in a rush for class, he'd been left groping the air uncomfortably all day

The loud hip hop music was thumping through the thick walls, albeit a little muffled. Hyunseung could barely catch a glimpse of moving figures through the small window in the door. His eyes were ridiculously heavy. He'd been up late the previous night studying for a huge exam. The dance class was supposed to be over ten minutes ago. Hyunseung shifted nervously. Any minute Junhyung would come out of the classroom and he'd finally take those steps forward and deliver his gift. Any minute

"Hey," Doojoon's voice called from down the hallway

"Sup, Dooj," Hyunseung said tiredly, eyes pulled from the doorway to his friend's towering figure

"What are you doing here?" Doojoon asked, coming to a stop at Hyunseung's feet.

"Waiting," he said simply. Doojoon blinked before his features twisted to exasperation.

"Geez, Seung, pay attention," he scolded. Hyunseung scowled.

"To what? I'm waiting, you're the one bothering me!"

Doojoon huffed. "You have the worst luck in the universe." He said, shaking his head. "But now I think you cause most of it."

"Why?" Hyunseung asked nervously, a sick feeling growing in his stomach.

"That's not Junhyung's class," Doojoon said, nodding towards the door behind him. "They're off to Busan on some kind of dancing trip. That's the beginning class. The one Yoseob's in."

Hyunseung visibly facepalmed, sinking into the chair. "What is my life" he begged his palm

"A fail," Doojoon said helpfully, sitting down in the chair next to his crumpled friend. Hyunseung just moaned.

Perhaps the closest he could ever get to the other was through his youtube videos, Hyunseung thought resignedly. The channel was almost regularly filled with videos of Junhyung and his friends fooling around, creating dance routines, and twisting words to freestyle rap in odd locations. Hyunseung watched them the second they popped up on his video feed, laughing at Junhyung's ridiculous antics and gazing wistfully at the screen. It was frustrating--most of the time Junhyung was in places he'd been only days before. The near misses driving him almost into a frenzy

How could it be that they managed to miss each other so many times? The annoyance was palpable. So Hyunseung clicked on the videos, laughing at Junhyung's pathetic attempts and being sexy, and fervently hoping he'd not missed out on his last chance


Hyunseung was sitting in a cafe, slurping on a sugary drink. Yoseob and Doojoon sat across from him, being all together too sappy for their own good and sharing a drink. Hyunseung fiddled with his straw. The necklace clanked against his plastic cup, fingers pointing toward the sky in frozen victory

"So," Yoseob said, waggling his eyebrows, "I saw Jun the other day." Hyunseung sighed. Of course he did. "He was with Jiyong," the smaller brunette continued

Hyunseung pursed his lips. Great, now Junhyung was hanging out with his old friends. Would there ever be an end to his bad luck

Yoseob took a giant drink from his and Doojoon's cup. Doojoon tapped the bottom and Yoseob spluttered as a large rush of beverage surged into his mouth. He was still coughing as he jabbed a bony elbow into his boyfriend's side. Doojoon wheezed and Yoseob looked satisfied. "Jerk," he said for good measure.

"So...." Hyunseung prompted, annoyed at being invisible

"So," Yoseob said, dodging one of Doojoon's probing fingers as the older boy attempted to poke his side. "He said he'd be stopping by here today."

Hyunseung sat up in his chair. "What?!" he squeaked. Dressed in a ratty tee and faded jeans...not the image he was going for when he finally ran into Junhyung

"I'm telling you now because he's walking in right now," Yoseob said, grinning evilly at Hyunseung's reddening face

"Yo," came a reedy voice from behind him. Hyunseung's heart pounded out of his chest. Was it splattered on the table yet? Or did it just find a new hiding place inside Junhyung's skin

Hyunseung slowly turned to face the so familiar voice. He was well aware that he was staring red-faced and wide-eyed, kind of like a fanboy. Oh well.

"Hey Jun, you're here!" Yoseob greeted

"Finally," Doojoon said, winking obviously at Hyunseung's frozen face. Hyunseung's hands lurched up to clench at his necklace

"Can I sit?" Junhyung asked and Hyunseung finally took in the image. The boy's hair was still purple from the last youtube video he'd uploaded. He was dressed comfortably like Hyunseung, mere jeans and a teeshirt. There was a long stretch of silence until Hyunseung realized Junhyung was talking to him

"Oh my god," Hyunseung burst out quickly. He all but flew to the far end of the booth by the window. Junhyung slid in next to him.

"Hyunseung," he said, smiling as he stuck his legs out underneath the table. "It's been a while. What's up?"

"Um..." Hyunseung said smartly. Right. "Just...you know...going to school."

"Hmmm," Junhyung said, still gazing at his face. "That's it?"

"Well it takes a lot of studying to be a neuroscience major, you know," Hyunseung replied testily, "it's not exactly easy."

Junhyung blinked. "Right," he said slowly. Hyunseung mentally cursed. Great impression, he'd just gotten snappy. But he was frustrated. Did he really have nothing interesting to share at all? The gap between their coolness was...quite extreme

"I watch your videos," Hyunseung blurted out. "You look like you have a lot of fun." Junhyung made a face.

"You watch those? God they're terrible."

"No," Hyunseung disagreed quickly. "I like them...they're really funny."

"Well, thanks," Junhyung said, shifting in his seat and his eyes drifted from Hyunseung's face. He started up a conversation with Yoseob and Hyunseung kicked himself. Great, Junhyung thought he was creepy. Why did he have to mention the videos? Doojoon raised an eyebrow at Hyunseung's silent conniption fit

"Well, I actually have to run," Junhyung said, glancing back at Hyunseung. "But it was great seeing you, Seung." Hyunseung inwardly squealed at the nickname. "Wanna change numbers? Catch up sometime?" Hyunseung reached into his pocket so quickly he almost smacked Junhyung in the face

"Ohmigod I'm sorry," he said, putting a hand out awkwardly

"It's okay," Junhyung said as Hyunseung pulled out his phone. They changed numbers. Junhyung stood from the seat and faced the table one last time. "See you around," he said, eyes meeting Hyunseung's last.

'Bye," Hyunseung said, trying his best to sound nonchalant.

"By the way," Junhyung said as a parting farewell, "I like your necklace."

Hyunseung gaped as the other walked away

"JANG HYUNSEUNG!" Yoseob said forcefully. "I went through all that trouble and you didn't give it to him! All you had to say was 'Oh Jun, I've been lusting after you for years, take this present I bought for you AGES ago!' Stupid!"

Hyunseung's foot bounced in indecision. "Should I go after him?" He asked quickly.

"YES!" Yoseob said loudly

"Bye," Doojoon called as Hyunseung lunged from the seat and stumbled out the door. He saw Junhyung walking down the crowded street and ran after him

"Junhyung!" He yelled as he got closer, and the other boy stopped, turning hopefully. He tilted his head as Hyunseung same to a stop in front of him, face splotchy from the short run

"This," Hyunseung said, nervously tugging the necklace up over his head. "This is for you." He held the metal, warm from his chest, in his palm and proffered it to the boy in front of him. Junhyung looked at it and then back up at Hyunseung's bashful expression. He grinned

"It looks really good on you, though," he said, and his hand picked up the necklace from Hyunseung's palm and placed it back around his neck. The fingers thumped happily against Hyunseung's chest

"Um..." Hyunseung bit his lip. Did Junhyung know he just rejected him

"Tell you what," Junhyung said, fingering the hand on top of Hyunseung's shirt. "Let's go out tomorrow night. Together. And you can show me where you bought it. Maybe I'll find one just like it."

Hyunseung, feeling the press of Junhyung's fingers so close to his skin, barely forced out an okay. Junhyung released his hold on the necklace and dropped his hand. "I'll call you tomorrow," he promised, pressing a quick kiss to the other's cheek. Hyunseung let out a rather...unmanly squeak and jumped as the soft skin brushed his cheek

"Blame Dooj," he said as he pulled away. "He told me you liked me. I kind of needed the push to confront you."

As he walked away, Hyunseung willed his fluttering heart to calm down and made a mental note to thank his friend. After he kicked him in the nuts, of course. Jealous bastard.


A.N./ PRIYA DID YOU CATCH ALL OUR INSIDE JOKES?! <3 <3 bwahaha, this is for you, dear! Thanks for chillin' with me in Korea! I luuurve you~

For Blue Skies

Title: For Blue Skies
Rating: PG-15 for drug references and mild language
Genre: It's not very happy
Pairing: Junseung

Summary: A year later and Junhyung returns to the dusty road that constantly pervades his thoughts. (Heavily inspired by Stray's Don't Sleep song of the same name).

He awoke to the dawn—pinks and golds guiding the morning in. Fresh air filled his lungs as he groggily blinked crusty eyes. His stomach felt like a cement truck.Collapse )